Insurance Endorsement

Insurance Endorsement


An insurance endorsement, also known as a rider, is a modification made to your existing insurance policy. It acts like an amendment that changes the terms of your original coverage.

Here’s a breakdown of what an insurance endorsement does:


  • Adds Coverage: You can add coverage to your policy that wasn’t included initially. This could involve things like:
    • Increased coverage limits for specific items (e.g., jewelry)
    • Additional coverage types (e.g., rental car reimbursement)
    • Protection against specific risks not covered in the base policy (e.g., flood damage)
  • Removes Coverage: You can choose to remove coverage you no longer need, potentially lowering your premium.
  • Modifies Existing Coverage: You can change specific aspects of your existing coverage, such as deductibles or co-pays.
  • Corrects Errors: You can use an endorsement to fix any mistakes or missing information in your original policy.


  • Customization: Endorsements allow you to tailor your insurance to your specific needs and risk profile.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust your coverage as your circumstances change, like adding new possessions or acquiring a different vehicle.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Removing unnecessary coverage can lead to lower premiums.

Points to Remember:

  • Cost: Adding coverage through an endorsement usually increases your premium, while removing coverage can potentially lower it.
  • Availability: Not all endorsements are available for all types of insurance or with every company.
  • Review Needed: Carefully review the endorsement details before agreeing to ensure it aligns with your needs and doesn’t introduce unexpected exclusions.

Examples of Endorsements:

  • Adding roadside assistance to your car insurance.
  • Increasing your personal property coverage limits in your homeowners insurance.
  • Excluding flood damage from your home insurance in a low-risk area.
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If you’re considering adding, removing, or modifying your insurance coverage, talk to your insurance agent about endorsements to understand their impact on your policy and explore the available options.

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